set up dual monitors???

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set up dual monitors???

I would like to set up two monitors on my Dell Dimension DIM 4700 running XP so I will have to add a video card. I have one PCI and one PCI Express slots available. Assume that I will use PCI Express (learned this from your network, thank you). The monitors I have in mind have both VGA and DVI Plugs. Will not be using PC for games but will use it for a light controler application (as in band, disc jockey) that requires 1280x1024 screen resolution, 512Mb Memory, Clock frequency 1.5 GHz, 128Mb RAM video card to use the "3D software" supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0. From what I understand I have to be careful about my power supply (305w). Can you give me any ideas on the best video card to use? Hope to keep cost under $35.


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