Mitel 420 display pin-out DM052Z IBI.R6HB

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Mitel 420 display pin-out DM052Z IBI.R6HB

I thought I would share the pin-out from a Mitel 420 16x2 LCD display. It uses the standard Hitachi 44780 chipset commands.

1 5 volts,
2 Contrast,
3 RS,
4 R/W,
5 E,
6 D0,
7 D1,
8 D2,
9 D3,
10 D4,
11 D5,
12 D6,
13 D7,
14 GND,

I called pin 1 on the side by where the ribbon cable connects to the glass. I searched all over and couldn't find any info on these displays, so perhaps this will be useful to someone.

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Hi mate,

Hi mate,

Thanks for the info about the DM052Z IBI.R6HB I have one display I want to change same code and I was looking for info about it. I replaced it with another one but I don't have any luck with it. Where did you find the info about this DM052Z? Are you sure is accurate? I don't have any light or anything on my display after replaced it. I've done the soldering ok, double-checked.


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Sorry for the lateness of my

Sorry for the lateness of my reply. I had to correct an error about what I thought was pin 1 in my first post. I couldn't find any information about this display anywhere. I was able to get them to work from just by trying different hookups. It seems like the 44780 is the standard for a lot of displays.


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