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I have some store-bought VHS tapes that are taking up space that I'd like to convert to DVD and DVR (cable box) to DVD . Some or all of them are undoubtedly copy-protected. I intend to keep the tapes as long as I have the copies, but I want to put them in storage. If not, is there another way to do this?

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You will need a DVD Recorder,

You will need a DVD Recorder, and, Grex to transfer your VHS media to DVD.The copy protection I speak of is the macrovision that is causing you not to be able to get good copies of the VCR tapes.I bought a GREX (macrovision remover) for the same purpose http://www.xdimax.com/grex/grex.html
It works great.

Robert Crane
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Thanks a lot for your

Thanks a lot for your suggestion about Grex.
I ordered a Grex unit from XDIMAX a while back. I've now had it for
almost a week or two. It has seen a fair amount of use so far, and I
am ecstatic with the results!
I've recorded via the composite and S-Video connections. The video
sources come either from my cable TV (Comcast) or from Netflix streams
via my WiFi enabled Blu-Ray players.
The unit has performed flawlessly and although I haven't tried hard to
do so, upon casual viewing I have not been able to notice any sort of
degradation of the signal (which I was, admittedly a bit afraid of).
Thanks so much


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