DVD's from VHS - recordings are very poor!

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pj pulley
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DVD's from VHS - recordings are very poor!

I have a problem with my Sony combination player/recorder.  You are supposed to be able to record the VHS tape directly on to a blank DVD.  When I do this step, I lose probably 25% or more of the quality.  Last nite I spent almost an hour on the Sony website chatting with a rep and it seemed as though I was talking to the Uklranian who pretended to be Peggy!  After all was said and done, he told me what I already knew....analog to digital is not the best situation.  That seems realistic, but I can't imagine that Sony would be satisfied with the result that I am getting from their product.


Does anyone out there have good luck doing this type of recording?  If so, can you tell me the brand of recorder that you are using?  I have so many home videos on VHS that I could not afford to send them all off and have them converted by someone more professional than me!

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Robert Crane
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You will need a DVD Recorder,

You will need a DVD Recorder, and, Grex to transfer your VHS media to DVD.The copy protection I speak of is the macrovision that is causing you not to be able to get good copies of the VCR tapes.I bought a GREX (macrovision remover) for the same purpose http://www.xdimax.com/grex/grex.html
It works great.


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