Newbie with a question about the Magnavox TB110MW9 converter box...

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Newbie with a question about the Magnavox TB110MW9 converter box...

Hello, all.  Brand new member here in search of some advice with an old TV and a (fairly) new digital converter box...a Magnavox TB110MW9, to be precise.

Like a lot of people my dad and I got our converter box with the government-issued coupon from the local Walmart.  We actually have two...ours, and another my grandmother gave to us because she lives in a particularly isolated area of the county and it won't work for her.

Now, the TV is elderly...I bought it in 1997 when times were better.  It's an RCA ColorTrak Plus, 27" monitor.  We do not have satellite or cable and have no wish for it...the little TV viewing that we do is served adequately by the broadcast channels.  So we'd like to just continue with the antenna, set, and converter box which has now become necessary.

However, the machines are simply not getting along with each other.  They did work fine for a time and brought in many channels, but in the last month or so the TV seems to just refuse to process the information the converter box provides.  The box's power light kicks on, but nothing happens.

I have tried every trick I know.  I've switched everything off and restarted it, much as one would reboot a computer.  And that worked, but only briefly.  I tried different cables (ones we have lying around the house, I haven't actually tried a brand new one).  That worked...briefly.  I've disconnected and reconnected every cable and carefully tightened them back on and that worked...briefly.  Each time things would run smoothly for a bit, then suddenly we'd lose our nice digital TV signal and it would be replaced by a faint signal of what appears to be a Hispanic TV station broadcasting out of Atlanta.  I can't pull up the box's menu to try a different station to see if that alleviates the problem.

The way I figure it, we're dealing with either a TV too old for this sort of thing, or a faulty cable somewhere, or possibly this interference.  However, my knowledge is limited.  I'd appreciate any input.

Sorry for being so long-winded on my first post, but I wanted to describe the situation as much in detail as possible.



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