Sony xplod CDX-M600 cd player

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Sony xplod CDX-M600 cd player

Inside display quit working on it , then the out side display quit working on it , then most of the buttons quit working on it.Finally got around to taking it apart today to discover the cable ribbon that connects the front display to the player was cracked from age and split the wires inside the ribbon.There are only 4 screws that hold the interanals of the player.Take the 3 screws out of the bottom of the display while its closed,then open it with the remote or the button on the display if they are still working while it is still pluged in,remove it from the car,then remove the top, I dont recall there being any screws holding it on,then remove the two screws on the sides towards the rear,of the player,remove the two screws from the display hinges,one on each side,and lift the display off the hinges and remove the two screws on the front of the player.Now remove the internals of the player by lifting it up and out,make sure you lift both the front and back of the cd reader evenly,once you have done that the display cable ribbon will be under a plastic cover that just pulls off then push the black lock tabs on the sides of the cable ribbon towards the ribbon,this unlocks the ribbon,so you can remove it.Now you can remove the front display from the player.The front display is already half taken apart just pull the two halves apart,there will be five or six screws holding the PCB{printed circuit board} on,remove them and the PCB,then pull the lock tabs towrds the ribbon to release it from the display,you will likely see the cracked ribbon cable where it goes through the two halves of the display.I found a replacement cable on ebay for 10 bucks,they called it a flex cable,by searching for the model number plus flex cable.


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