Older Pioneer stereo system Question

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Older Pioneer stereo system Question

I have a Pioneer stereo system that was purchased in Germany, while in the Army, in 1989.

It is in very good to excellent condition. The system includes the following: Stereo cassette tape deck amplifier(model #-RX-Z71), Multi-play 6 disc compact disc player(model#PD-Z81M), Stereo Turntable(model#-PL-Z81), and 2- 75W 2 Way speakers(model#-S-Z71D).

I would like to sell this system and I need info as to what to ask for it.

Does anyone know where I would be able to get this info?

Thanks, Floridagerry

Matt Whitlock
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Have you searched completed

Have you searched completed listings on ebay to give you a rough idea what others are selling similar items for?

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Matt, I have gone thru all of

Matt, I have gone thru all of ebay listings and did not find any reference to the model numbers listed here.

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I did find 2 manuals for sale

I did find 2 manuals for sale. 1 for speakers and 1 for turntable. FYI

old pete
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i bought exactly the same

i bought exactly the same units, t/table, cd deck, tuner-amp-cassette in an oak unit c/w speakers in 2006, i paid £50, as it was still installed in the sellers home, speakers still fixed to the walls and all. it even came with the full set of user manuals and working remote control, i'm still using it, and am at present transfering all my old vinyl and cassettes to my pc with it, spares are still available from "musonic" in london.


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