Volts and Working Volts

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Volts and Working Volts

What is the difference between these values.  For instance if A motor run capacitor is rated at 260 WVAC, what is the equivalent in VAC.  I recently changed a motor run capacitor in a reel to reel tape deck.  The original was a 260 WVAC part.  I switched it out with a 600 VDC/275VAC part.  The motor runs now, but it bogs down with a tape reel loaded.  I suspect I need a higher VAC rated capacitor. ? Help please! 

The higher the resistance the

The higher the resistance the less the volts If your motor is bogging down you will want a cap around the same voltage but lower resistance.That sure is a strange voltage for a motor they usually run off of the volts that you are using to supply the device with,batteries or plug in,its not pluging into a 220 plug is it?

The motor is 110. The spec

The motor is 110. The spec plate reads as follows:

2 Speed Hysteresis Synchronous Motor
Type HC-24D (Winterized)
100-117 VAC 50/60 c/s 2.8/2.0 uF
1500-3000 RPM 0.25-0.35 Amphere
Akai Electric Co., LTD

Since I see no mention of ohms, my question is still on the table. What should the VAC rating be to match 260WVAC? Again, the original capacitor was rated at 260 WVAC and was a metalized paper cap-silver-looked like aluminum. The replacement was a paper type, but white and was rated at 600 VDC/275 VAC. Any suggestions?

Can you take a picture of the

Can you take a picture of the original cap and post it?

Unfortunately I discarded the

Unfortunately I discarded the original cap, after I saw the motor running with the new one wired in, but it was a Metalized Paper (MP) type and rated at "260 WVAC". The readings on it were clear. I have taken a couple of pics of the new one I wired in, but couldn't see how to include them in this reply. I'll find a way to do that if you think it will help.

Under Quick Reply click the

Under Quick Reply click the "or go advanced".

I have the same problem

I have the same problem Roberts 770X SS same as Akai M9. These are run capacitors I believe. There are three of them in total. C701 .8/260VAC, C702 2/260VAC and C703 1/260VAC. I can take a picture just have to take it apart again. If that will help us find parts I will do it. I would like to replace all three capacitors.

Bob "Sab"
Answer to "What is working

Answer to "What is working voltage" in respect to capacitors:

The working voltage of a capacitor is the highest voltage that can be applied across it without undue risk of breaking down the dielectric layer. The working voltage is usually stated on a capacitor's datasheet and often printed on the capacitor. If not, a minimum necessary working voltage can be inferred by studying the circuit in which the capacitor is used. Be particularly careful in circuits with a varying voltage. For example, AC voltages are typically measured in volts RMS, but their peak voltages are substantially higher, so basing a capacitor's working voltage on an RMS AC voltage can lead to selection of a capacitor with an inadequate working voltage and premature failure of the capacitor.


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