JVC TH-C50 replacing Capacitor

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Joe Sanders
JVC TH-C50 replacing Capacitor

Sorry for opening a new thread, but considering how old the other ones are, i thought this to be the best course. 


Anyways, I bought a new fuse and bought the new capacitor (1000uf/10v) but i did not pay attention when i took the old cap out, now I do not know which way to put the new cap in.


any help will be appreciated!

There should be a + sign

There should be a + sign either on top or bottom of the board where the leads of the cap go in,on the cap there should be an arrow of direction that should be your negative polarity side so the other side positive polarity will be the side that goes in the board with the + sign.

If there is no + on the board

If there is no + on the board, look at other caps near by. Often there is a bold ( on one side that is usually the negative side. Verify this by looking at others.


HI there ,

HI there ,
anyone have any feedback on Makita,or De walt outdoor radios i think they may be new to the market
i think the dewalt has mp3 hook up etc anyone know more about these . that sort of thing>we need audio for our sunday shananigans.need at least10 hrs of use


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