Gateway LP2207 power issue

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Gateway LP2207 power issue

Turned on but went off after gateway logo.Tore it apart{Pain In The A**}finally found disassembly instructions for recyclers

Found swollen cap<1000uf 25Volt >Board location number C862. Replaced with 1000uf 35V turned on and worked fine.Also had 2 680uf 25Volt board location C864 & C858. Replaced them with 680UF 35v.all 105 degree caps.


Ws- 65515 power will not turn on.. Flashn green light for a minute then nothing happens. Buttons wont do anything.

Thanks for the great post on
Thanks for the great post on the bad capacitors!!  My monitor (Gateway LP2207) was going out after 2 seconds was due to bad electrolytic capacitors. I opened up my monitor and saw three swollen electrolytic capacitors. I went to RadioShack and bought new 35 volt ones with the same values. I desoldered the bad ones, resoldered the good ones in and then put everything back together (quite the grueling job! - make sure you look on YouTube on how to take this monitor apart. This will really help). Connected it up and now works great!

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