Sony KDL-52z5100 Power Light Blinking 10 Times

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Luis A. II
Sony KDL-52z5100 Power Light Blinking 10 Times

I have this Sony KDL-52z5100. I personally think it's an AMAZING TV. (that may be due to how much I paid for it)
Just yesterday, I powered it on, and the relays clicked in the power supply, the "Sony" logo on the front came on, as it normally would do, but then it powered down again, and repeated this 4 times, after which the power light started flashing 10 times. I unplugged it for 20 minutes, but nothing changed. When it tries to power on, I do not even get the backlight to come on, it powers down just before the backlight comes on. I've looked everywhere on the Net, and all I could find was a list of sony blink codes, which suggests I have an issue with a "D-Board". This is what I got in reference to a 10 blink code:

* Ten blinks - Check Q8014 and Q8013 for shorts, leakage, or bad solder connections on the " D" board. If the transistors are bad, check R8051 and IC8005, also on the "D" board.

I then opened the unit, and looked on EVERY board, there aren't any transistors, resistors, or IC's labeled as the list says they should be. My question is, where exactly is this "D-Board", what is it's purpose, and what may the issue be?? I found 4 Capacitors that were slightly swollen on the power supply, all four were 25v, 2 were 1500uf, and two were 2500uf. I replaced all four, but the problem persists. The caps weren't leaking, but were definitely slightly swollen. Is there a reset procedure for the service codes? I tried the one listed on this site, but it is apparently for older style TV's, it didn't work for mine. PLEASE HELP!!!

Projection fault codes do not

Projection fault codes do not apply to LCD, plasma or led.That list you got the fault codes from is only a few models of sony projection tv's.Ill see if I can wrangle up the service manual for this set a later tonight.

Jay jay
Hi,I have also similar

Hi,I have also similar problem to my lcd power on few seconds boom
It will turn off by himself at 3 times power indicator will flashes 10 blinks...

My lcd tv is kdl52z100 sony bravia
Pls help me..
Thank u


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