Pioneer VSXD601 AV receiver speaker output intermittant

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Pioneer VSXD601 AV receiver speaker output intermittant

I 've had this Pioneer VSXD601 AV receiver for it seems like 10 years. It powered a set of Infinity surround sound speakers on channel A and 4 other sets of speakers throughout my house on channel B which were switched thru an aux speaker select box. In some cases the length of speaker wire from the amp to the remote speakers is 120ft.  Occationally, when playing both channels A+B the sound would cut in and out as if the amp was overloading.   I began to use the channel B speakers less over time. Sometime later, the channel A speakers would cut in and out. Since then I've replaced it with a new Pioneer Av HDMI 3D receiver, and trying is see if I can salvage the old one to use in my game room. Its powering some small bookshelf speakers in another room but theres maybe 50 ft of  16 awg wire between them. It works OK when the volume is turned up, but at low volume they are intermittant.  Any ideas whats going on? 

I have the same pioneer vsx

I have the same pioneer vsx d601 problem. We bought ours in the mid 90's and it worked great until recently. The sound fades in and out at low volumes. It gets exponentially worse as time passes. Some one told me it could be the internal power supply unit going out or some circuit inside that has to do with power.


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