How to Appreciate FLV Videos Easily

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How to Appreciate FLV Videos Easily

In recent days, Flash Video is becoming main-stream format, most of which are in the format of FLV like Youtube the biggest online video platform. If you want to appreciate these videos on various portable playback devices, iCoolsoft FLV Converter is the device that you must own. icoolsoft FLV Converter is a great way to help you convert FLV and online videos like YouTube video, Facebook, MySpace, and so on to enjoy anywhere beyond web pages. The powerful FLV (Flash Video) converter is capable to convert FLV videos to popular video formats such as AVI, Xvid, DivX, MP4, WMV, MOV, MPEG, MPG, etc addition the speed is so fast that makes you save enough time to enjoy your life.

iCoolsoft FLV converter is the profession tool to help your appreciate your favorite videos with ease, you just wave your right hand to press, and get you wanted. Its powerful function when you run you can experience however, please permit to express it to you. iCoolsoft FLV Converter not only offers the most popular formats to converter and friendly interface to operate it conveniently, but also it provide some effect to edit as you like, what’ more, it supports batch converting to save your more time to enjoy your life.
Step 1   Lead-in files
There are two methods to add your videos files:
1.    Click “Add File” to select files what you wanted to convert. One or more files which are permitted.
2.    Click “File” and pop up the pull-down Manu to select “Add file” to lead in.
Step 2   Extract Audio from Video
1.    Select the files that you want to extract audio.
2.    Click pull-down arrow under the profile and select the Audio format to convert.
Step 3   Editing
1. Choose one file and click “Effect”. Then show two videos at coordinate frames.
2. Click”Effect” to start, drags the bar to adjust the brightness, Contrast, Saturation. Choose “Deinterlace” according to the result which shows in the right frame.
3. Click “OK”
iCoolsoft FLV converter is easy-to-use tool to help you appreciate FLV videos which is the most popular format to apply to all the biggest website. Now, you can get it just 12% discount during the Christmas and New Year.
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