wd-62725 Black Screen - Error Code 12

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wd-62725 Black Screen - Error Code 12

I recently had my TV give me a lamp replacement LED.. After replacing the lamp I received the same LED light indicating the lamp was not good.. I further looked into the problem in the repair manual and it gave me a ballast error code. I Ordered and replaced the Ballast. when I first turned it on, the status did not change and it still indicated a problem with the Ballast. I reopened the TV and tightened a couple of screws I had left loose on the Ballast housing and now when I turn on the TV it makes a noise as when you put a paper to a turning fan. eventually the noice stops. The status light turns to a solid green light as if it was working normal. I push the buttons to get the error code and it returns a error code of 12 indicating it's all normal.
Please advise.

Thanks for your help.


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