Driver issues on Thanksgiving Day?

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Driver issues on Thanksgiving Day?

Now it’s the Turkey Day!

While we are having the fabulous turkey dinner with our relatives and friends, normally we will have on hand special holiday movies and classic Thanksgiving television shows that set the mood for the season.
What if no sound comes out from your computer's speaker or the screen blanks out at this special occasion?
Seems like you are experiencing a sound or graphics driver issue.

Don’t panic, a good driver update software like Driver Robot usually can fix the driver issue you are facing easily and fast. Just follow the following steps:

Step 1: get the driver updater

Step 2: scan you computer

Run Driver Robot, click "Start Scan" button, it will scan your computer's sound or graphics card drivers fast.

Step 3: driver scan results

After scanning your system for missing or out-of-date drivers, Driver Robot reports its findings to you. It will make recommendations of the latest official sound or graphics card driver.

Step 4: Get the driver

Click the "Get Drivers" button, Driver Robot will install the latest official sound or graphics card driver for you.

Hope you all can enjoy the festival programs as well as the feast with your loved ones on this meaningful day!


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is the intergration making

is the intergration making the tv=computer??
luckily, i have neither a sound nor a graphics driver issue with my computer at the moment, but really appreciate the helpful driver issue fix during thanksgiving. wish you a very merry thanksgiving holiday too. ;)


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