Now legal to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone

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Now legal to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone

In a historic new ruling today, the Library of Congress has allowed users to jailbreak the iPhone devices. While it’s great to have this legalized, it hardly stopped anyone from jailbreaking or unlocking phones in the past. However, it’s worth mentioning that Jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad still voids your warranty per Apple’s user agreement. If you have a jailbroken device it’s probably wise to do a clean restore before bringing it in for service. Here I give you a guide on how to install Flash on Your Jailbroken iPad.

HAHA thats hilarious Congress

HAHA thats hilarious Congress telling us what we can do with our own product after we buy/own it.Whats more of a joke is Apple telling us what we cant do with it.


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