Sony trinitron KV27FV310 turns on then turns off no picture,stand by light blinks 4 times

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Sony trinitron KV27FV310 turns on then turns off no picture,stand by light blinks 4 times

Any help or suggestions is much appreciated,I'm disabled and only have disability income,can't afford new tv or really even to afford to fix this one right now. I was a technician all my life before being disabled and am very good at fixing most anything given info. I have quite a bit of electronics experience in the automotive field. I smelled a burning smell breifly and removed the back cover don't see any signs of hot areas or componets. This tv has such a great picture also I hate to lose it. Thanks in advance for any help and God Bless !

For a start, I found this on

For a start, I found this on another site regarding the 4 blinks:

For the KV27FV310, 4 blinks, pause, 4 blinks, etc. means "V-Stop" (vertical stop) and the probable cause locations listed are as follows:

1.  +12V is not supplied (A board)
2.  IC561 is faulty (A board)

These are starting points for a qualified service technician.

If I were you, I would open up the set and take a look.  There is no substitute for a thorough visual inspection.  I would check the transformer that has the high voltage lead attached to it.  Sniff around for the source of the smell.

I'm still looking for a service manual for you, but it sounds as though there is a power problem that needs to be diagnosed with a multimeter. The schematics could help you trace the circuit to find any other damaged parts besides the two listed above. Look for the telltale signs of electronic failure that I'm sure you're familiar with as a result of your automotive field. I'll post back when I find out anything more - hope this helps as a start!


Same problem here, model KV
Same problem here, model KV-24FS120. Any help? Four red flashes, pause, repeat. No picture.

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