LG LCD tv black screen flicker

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LG LCD tv black screen flicker

Hi!  I have an LG LCD TV which I've had about 3 months.  Pretty much since the beginning it has had a problem where about 3 times a week when I turn it on the picture flashes on and off with the picture and the black screen that says "no signal". At first I thought it was the cable and had Time Warner come out and tell me there was nothing wrong with it.  I found that I could cure it by simply unplugging the HDMI cable in the back and plugging it back in.  Is it likely that there are just loose wires on the port?



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I have the same problem.. I

I have the same problem.. I cure mine by toggling through the inputs. Only happens on HD channels. Cable box hooked up to TV with HDMI cable into HDMI#1 input. Works fine on non-hd channels..

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Would be interested in

Would be interested in hearing if your LG flicker was resolved. My brand new LG 47LD520 works great for a few hours; then i get the black screen, loss of sound for a second or so and back to normal; and again; and again etc.

Ideas out there?

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Just read the June posting re

Just read the June posting re "toggling through the inputs" to cure LG screen flicker.  Sorry to be so dumb, but someone please walk me through that!  Understand, this is a new language for me.



I have an LG 37K450 -

I have an LG 37K450 - attached to Bright House Samsung DVR box and my screen flickers every 6 minutes ... I swapped my other "non Samsung" DVR box and no flicker ... however picture is better with Samsung so need answer ... is the toggling through inputs" post something I can cure with the right settings??? Help please

seems to me(even mine),all lg

seems to me(even mine),all lg TV,including,LCD,and plasmas all do this.i unplug my power line for a minute and ,sometimes,not always,it comes back on.
one theory is that the capacitors are so cheap on the computer electronic boards,that they dont always work correctly.these capacitors are supposed to protrude on the top of them so you can tell which ones are blown out.i have opened up my 42 inch lg several times ,but none of them are showing signs of being blown.

what is the problim if screen

what is the problim if screen flickering?LG32


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