Hitachi P50S601 blinking 3 times

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Hitachi P50S601 blinking 3 times

We had several short power outages in succession a few days ago.  Afterwards my Hitachi P50S601 stopped working.  If I cycle power to it, it comes on in standby with the red light illuminated.  When I turn it on with the remote, the blue power light comes on, there is a flash of something on the screen, then the screen goes blank and the blue light slowly blinks 3 times, then pauses, then repeats the cycle. 

I have tried unplugging the TV for several hrs, and tried cycling power several time, but the same results everytime.  Any ideas? 

Did you ever get an answer? I

Did you ever get an answer? I am having the same problem.

hello there, I'm going

hello there, I'm going through the situation with my tv; did you ever het an answer? thanks

Heres how to determine if the

Heres how to determine if the Power supply is the problem. First unplug connector CN68 which goes from the power board to the Logic Power board. Press the power button on the set and check for 3.3 at pin3 of CN68 if its missing or incorrect then the power supply board needs replacement if the supply is correct then the logic board would be suspect. If you need further assistance let me know as I am a registered Hitachi servicer and have access to all parts and t-shooting procedures.

slinteriors - I just wanted

slinteriors - I just wanted to thank you for the diagnostic advice you gave on here. I haven't checked this yet on mine, but with the same problem, I feel this is a helpful place to start.

you're welcome. Let me know

you're welcome. Let me know if you need further assistance.

well checked my voltage. It

well checked my voltage. It was not there. I am a little poor college student right now, so buying a new power supply is out of the question. I ordered all the capacitors on the board to replace them and try rebuilding this power supply. We'll see. I've worked on other brands before and had luck with fixing power supplies. If worst comes to worst I can hold off and order a new board later. We will keep you posted.

So, I got my 3 Blinking

So, I got my 3 Blinking Hitachi P50S601 fixed!!! Turns out it was one of the buffer boards was bad. In my case the SDR-D board. The way to test it that I found was unhooking one SDR board at a time, and see if half of your screen comes on properly. For me the SDR-D board was bad, and so the bottom half of the screen didn't come on when I removed the board. I have now sent that board off for repair (found that to be less expensive then buying a replacement board). Hope this helps someone else out. Thank you all for your help!

Thank you for keeping us

Thank you for keeping us updated on the progress. Glad to hear you got a diagonosis.

So I'm having same issue.

So I'm having same issue. What is a buffer board? And how do I find it to unplug?

the two boards on the far

the two boards on the far left theres an upper and lower ones that are thin and attach to the flex cables coming from the panel.



I am not that knowledgeable with multi-meters. I have basic knowledge, I pulled the CN68 and checked the 3rd pin in from the left with multi-meter set at 200VAC check and had red on pin and black on meter bar on back of TV and read nothing. Am i doing this wrong? When I pulled the CN68 connector the TV came on with no picture and the power supply fans were running but as soon as i plugged in the CN68 something clicked and power supply died and fans shut off. Any help on this would be hugely appreciated! I got this TV as a gift from a friend for some work I did and would love to get it working soon.


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