how to rip dvd for mobile phone and game box

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how to rip dvd for mobile phone and game box

  Nowdays ,dvd is a common gadget in our digital life. we store favorite songs , video clips and pictures on blank dvd .Also ,we buy dvds from local store or online for newest movies ,music brands and fancy games.

   If you get a ipod  ,psp or smartphone like blackberry and you want to your music stored on dvds to play on these device ,what gone you do ?
   Cellphone and portable device can not directly read dvd disc , if you want to watch your dvd video on them ,you need to rip your dvd to common format such as mp3,mp4,avi,wmv,m4p,which can be played on your device.  Here is a step to step guide on how to rip dvd to mp4 video format , if you want to rip it to different one, almost works the same way,just seleclet the proper format you want at step 3,wish it helps.

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