Panasonic BD player has has problem with analog audio outputs

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Panasonic BD player has has problem with analog audio outputs

I recently purchased a Panasonic BD player,model DMP-BD85k.It upscales beautifully and has more than enough features. One of my main reasons for buying this unit was the analog audio outputs. I have an older Pioneer a/v receiver which lacks HDMI inputs. With this BD player, which has onboard decoders for DD+ and True HD as well as DTS Master Audio,I can utilize these  newer audio formats  by connecting to the DD 5.1 inputs on my Pioneer a/v receiver. I hooked up all the necessary cable and connections and expected to be "wowed". Didn't happen. The BD player has an extensive setup menu which ultimately brings you to a setup screen depicting a listening area with a chair in the middle surrounded by the speakers in a 5.1 setup. When the "test" button is selected, a tone is output to the corresponding speaker. Starting from top left,going clockwise, the sequence is :LF ,Center,RF,Subwoofer,and the right and left surrounds. The problem I have is,is that the test skips over the subwoofer and no sound is output to the subwoofer. My subwoofer works  fine if I connect this unit to my a/v receiver via optical digital cable. I have contacted Panasonic by phone and spoken to four different"experts" at Best Buy. I will very much appreciate any help or useful tips which anyone can provide.    Thanks in advance.


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