Solution To Blinking Hourglass

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Larry Dillon
Solution To Blinking Hourglass

I like a few other people have had a blinking hourglass next to our cursors when we got out new laptops and here is the steps i took to solve this problem on my computer!

1. Click the Start button. 2. Click Run. 3. In the Open: text box, type MSCONFIG. 4. Click the OK button. The System Configuration Utility window appears" "5. Click to select Selective Startup. 6. Click to remove the check next to Load Startup Items 7. Click the Apply button""8. Click the OK button. A dialogue box appears prompting you to restart the computer 9. Click the Restart button." "And also do the steps below"
"Click the Start button, and then click Run. The Run window appears. Type msconfig in the Open: field, and then click the OK button.The System Configuration Utility window appears Click the radio button for Selective Startup. Click to deselect Process SYST"
"Click to deselect Load Startup Items. Click the Services tab. The Services pane appears. Click to select Hide All Microsoft Services. Click the Disable All button. Click the OK button. A restart request window appears. Click the Yes button to restart the computer and you should not have that anoying blinking hourglass
Larry Dillon

Hey Larry old buddy,

Hey Larry old buddy,
I got directed here from another forum member.
Guess what?
I got the answer for my blinker.
One of my "Flash drives" I put in a USB port was trying to get my attention.
After I unplugged it all was well.
I have many that don't do it but I believe it was because I was setting up the security located on the drive and didn't complete it.
None of my other 10 USB Flash Drives do it because I never used the software on the drive.I just stored millions of photos on them and music to save space on my hard drive.
Kind of funny how in cars the turn signals and emergency blinkers are called flashers.
Quite a funny way to remember where to look .LOL
Talk to you later on the web cam.
We can discuss some more recent HDTV fixes.
Your bud.
U.S. Coast Guard 1969/1977 Big Screen TV repair 30 years just retired.

Dude ..your my hero!! Was

Dude ..your my hero!! Was considering reinstalling xp again (just got 7)..Did not find the segment "Hide winow..." but ir worked on reboot anyway..I HATE!!! these shimongers on my puter.. slow death for it.. just reinstalled 6 month ago,,So ty and this honest site.


Was trying to find a generic webcam driver for my finepix 6800z and finepix does not have. So you can imagine the HSHT that I down loaded..even with norton standing guard. 

But still need REAL effective Webcam driver for my Cam


TY Kpossa


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