settings changed--can't see both desktop and projector

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settings changed--can't see both desktop and projector

I am a teacher using Smartboard. Until 3 days ago, I could see both the computer desktop and the Smartboard screen. Now I can view only one at a time. It is a Dell computer but using the Fn and 8 key still only lets me view one at a time. I installed some programs (a Driver Checker and other things that came with it --Registry Easy, Advanced Disk Defrag, and Perfect Uninstaller) recently but have since uninstalled them. I was trying to install some educational software after using the trial version but even after uninstalling the trial version, I kept getting error messages that the trial was still there and it would not install  the licensed version. Anyway, system restore has not helped get me back the two simultaneous screens. I've been to the display panel and to settings. It only shows one monitor (the default). I went to Advanced and then the General. The DPI is Normal, the Adapter  and then Properties says a Vga save, Under Drivers, there is Current Status, and Start Up type is System.  Under Monitor tab, once again there is the  default with Properties button grayed out and the screen says to use default with a drop down menu but with no option of choosing anything else.

This limitation of only one visible screen (instead of both the laptop and the projected image on the SmartBoard is really cramping my teaching.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I can try next in order to be able to view both the computer desktop and the screen on the SmartBoard? 




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