ASAP - To repair, or not repair? Help!

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ASAP - To repair, or not repair? Help!



I'll state right off that I'm new to this 'community' so if I'm rehashing a previous question; my apologies in advance...


Simply put I received a Mini-bookshelf stereo that does power on but will not generate any sound. All the function buttons appear to work properly (AM/FM, CD & AUX) and the CD player loader works as it should. There are no warning lights, strange noises or mechanical errors I can detect except for the fact there is no sound.

Just for laughs I checked the speaker wires, cutting and stripping new lengths for the connection to the unit. Same result! Regardless of what setting I have selected, there is no carrier or any sound coming through the speakers. At the very least I should hear a level indicating the speakers are powered but 'no dice.'

 With that stated, I think the amp may have blown on this unit and as such is it possible/ worthwhile to attempt repair? I'm not doing this for myself, but for a 97 year old lady who's family robbed her and then dumped her in California with NOTHING! I and a few others have been working to get her a place to live and other basics like a bed, clothes, et cetera. This system was donated and now stopped working - I'm hoping to get it operational so she can have some music in her new place. It is Panasonic model SA-PM03

Thanks for the insight





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