iitronics 2GB mp3 player - level up problem

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iitronics 2GB mp3 player - level up problem

To all of you clever people out there any help would be greatly appreciated with the following.

I bought my two sons two years ago this mp3 player and i have always synced music via wmp ver 11 no problem. The player has always up until recently filled to capacity and played all albums i put on for the lads. But recently even though most recently rhe player when connected to wmp shows 700MB memory left, if you sync something else on - it goes across ok but then when you try and check that all albums play certain ones wont play and you get this 'level up ' message, the only way you get all albums to play is by deleting other albums, to create space yet there is plenty available.

 Any help or suggestions what i could try would be appreciated. I'm no technical boff but would upgrading the firmware do anything ?, if so how do you because i cant gain access to the iitronics website, it doesnt seem to exist nor did i receive a disc or anything with the players


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