computer cd drive prob

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computer cd drive prob

my drive will spin discs, with no laser, will not spin discs with laser, will open/close fine.

i push a paper clip into the paper clip hole to push the drive out manually, and the laser kicks on,

but when the drive is all the way closed, no laser or anything, it will spin, without the laser

help ne1?


vendor ID: IDE

Pdct ID: DVD-ROM 16X

Product revision level: 7.92

Location: ATAPI, PORT 0, BUS 0, TGT 1, LUN 0

Device letter: D

dvd region: RPC-2 region 1

region reset change: User: 4 / Vendor: 4

Buffer size: 512 KB

Max read 48x

read isrc and upc supported.


-got this from alcohol 120% software.


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