video card/power supply issues

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video card/power supply issues

Thanks in advance for any help.

 I had an older gateway e4100 computer with an intel motherboard (gateway part number 4000888.)  I took all the guts and installed into a micro tower case with a 400w power supply.

Everything was running well, until I went to install the video card that I purchased. (visiontek hd2600 pro agp).  This is an 8x AGP card, which the motherboard should be able to handle, based on the specs that I googled.   (See link below)

No luck, the computer would boot, but I would get no video on the monitor.  I did disable the onboard video.

 So I tried again and again to see if maybe I was missing something.  On my last attempt, I noticed a red light on the motherboard that stayed on (previously it would come on at boot, then go off).  So I disconnected everything except the 20 pin, the 12v p4, and the hard drive.  Light went off.  Then when I tried with the video card again, the system won't even switch on.  Got a green power on led on the case, but NOTHING else.

 Is it possible that the power supply was the issue all along, and just was not getting enough juice to the video card via the 6 pin connector?  Should I be OK if I just replace the power supply?  Did I do any damage to the motherboard?  I am thinking the power supply, and have RA'd back to Tiger Direct and ordered a replacement (different/better manufacturer).

 Thanks again, as any help would be appreciated.

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Replaced power supply and

Replaced power supply and samve issue, no video, but windows will load. Anybody have a clue?

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up and running. It was the

up and running. It was the video card that was bad. New card and all is good.


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