Yamaha amp rx-v2500

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Yamaha amp rx-v2500


I am working on this amp and I found a damaged channel I have repaired the channel, but the amp will not come on. I believe these amp’s had a re-set  than needed triggered, does anybody know how to reset this amp, also there is a diagnostic mode I am aware of but don’t know the key sequence to active it.


Does anybody have the key sequence for either of these modes?



ok i got this manual since no

ok i got this manual since no one was able to help, for anyone else needing this here is the key stokes press and hold the button marked (a/b/c/d/e) also press and hold the preset/tuning up button then press the power on button, this will bypass all protection circuits and allow the unit to come on.

This is a dangerous mode because the protection circuits will be disabled this means if you have a shorted channel and you still have your speakers hooked up it could send a very large dc surge through your speakers destroying them and causing more damage to your amp, you may even hear tiny explosion in your amp, so un hook your speakers before attempting this, but even with the speakers un hooked you may still hear small explosions because this amp uses push - pull amp meaning that it will swing positive and negative and a shored output will cause itÂ’s complement output to short
(if it is not already), this can cascade back into the amp because it is not capacitor coupled, they remove caps in the circuit to provide a more pure sound, but with the caps gone there is a greater damage caused when the output shorts.


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