"No Sound" Toshiba 65H93 Rear Projection

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"No Sound" Toshiba 65H93 Rear Projection

Hello, I have a Toshiba 65H93 rear projection that has "No Sound".  Manufacturers Date is "August 2003".  The tv starts up just fine, and has a great picture.  I would like to know how to fix this myself and where to get the parts for it.  Would I possibly need a service manual to help with this?  If this isn't something that the average person can fix... what will I likely have to spend in order to get this repaired.                                      

 Thing Already Tried:

So far I've done everything it says to do or check in the Owner's Manual.  Everything works great on the television, ...still just doesn't have any "Sound" coming out.

 Any help or expert advise would be greatly appreciated.






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