WitsTech 7'' MID A81-USB Modes

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WitsTech 7'' MID A81-USB Modes

The device can be switched from ActiveSynch to Drive mode. This works exactly how it sounds. If you change it to ActiveSynch (in the settings application included with the device), the device will try to launch Windows Mobile Device Center or ActiveSynch 4.5 (depending on your OS) and allow you to synch up as usual. If you switch the device to Disk Drive mode, it will simply allow you to access the microSD contents on the device just as if you were using a card reader on your PC.

Someone asked me in a post at MobileRead if the device had a USB Host mode. I tried the device in both settings with a USB mouse and USB mini keyboard and I could not get the W1060 to host either USB device. I don’t believe the device has a USB Host capability. If someone from WitsTech or WireLession would like to respond and correct me that would be fantastic. Re: Use the OTG to connect a USB device or USB Hub. The USB device demanded driven-power should be less than 100 mAhport 2.0.If you use a USB hub, the USB device demands more than 100mAh,it is better to be externally powered.


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