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No sound separation

I am trying to help out an elderly gentleman. He had his big screen tv, CD player, and cassette player hooked up to a Yamaha stereo receiver in order to get surround sound. He had 5 speakers, 2 front, 2 rear, and center. He sent the stereo out for a repair and it came back with no sound separation (stereo). It sounded like mono when I listened to it. The sound was all around the room but didn't have sound separation.
 Before I could research it he went out and bought a Sony 5.1 channel 1080P with surround sound. The guy from Sears hooked it up. Still, no "stereo" sound.
My next guess would be the speakers or the speaker set up. His speakers look kind of small for what he wants to do but I don't know anything about them. Are there certain things I should look for in a speaker or the set up that would prohibit stereo sound? The Yamaha was setup by a store pro, and the Sony as well.
Hope this makes some kind of sense.

Call the store and check all

Call the store and check all connections

It's quite possible that the

It's quite possible that the speaker cables are faulty and are theefore not allowing the osund to flow through. There have been issues like that before. I would suggest maybe buying a couple of speaker cables. This is where i get all of mine from Speaker Cables

I'm figuring it must be

I'm figuring it must be speakers or cables, since BOTH receivers are doing the same thing. Thanks. I'll try cables next.


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