Noise In CD Players

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Noise In CD Players

I have 3 or 4 CD players in my house (none later than 2004) and when they play scratched discs you can hear a kind of clicking, clacky sound from the disc area as it spins. The discs still play through fine but the sound is most annoying. This only happens on dvd players in my experience but it's really bothersome when you are listening to music. I can't find any mention of this problem on the internet and wondered wether this is inherent in CD player design or not. They may have rectified the problem in recent players
but I keep thinking why didn't they think of this when they invented CD's? I should say that they are all Sony or cheap brands so it could be something to do with that. This question has played on my mind for some time and I really want to talk about this in discussion. Hopefully you will take the time to reply.


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