Cute Gadgets -USB Golden OX Webcam

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Cute Gadgets -USB Golden OX Webcam

If you happen to think form is more important than function and the golden ox is you preferred form we have your webcam, the USB Golden OX Webcam.


The  gadget that looks either too cute or too funny is a serious attempt to bring two useful devices together in a limited space on your office desk.

The web camera has a 5000K-pixel resolution that should be sufficient to capture images for video conferences. It also works as a microphone, but this little cam only costs $16.69, which will make it a good cam for kids or serious animal lovers. The base is a suction cap that allows you to attach it on a flat surface firmly.

Matt Whitlock
Seems to me this is more for

Seems to me this is more for those who find form nor function appealing.

Foxman, don't shill products here. This is the only warning you'll get.


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