Sony KDP-57WS550 - standby light blinking 10 times

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Sony KDP-57WS550 - standby light blinking 10 times

I have a Sony 57" rear projection TV (made in 2004, AX-1) that will not turn on and flashes 10 blink error code.  I believe this is the high voltage protection error.  When I power on the TV, the sound will come on and the neck of the tubes below the lamps will glow, but then the TV will shut down and flash the error code.  If I keep trying to turn the TV on, eventually I will hear what sounds like static discharging and then the TV will turn right on the next time and work fine.  Sometimes this takes only a few on/off cycles, but other times it takes a long time to get it to work.  Once the TV is on, it will work until I shut it off and try to turn it back on.

I had it looked at by a repairman.  At first he said it was the convergence and replaced both ICs.  The TV worked for about a day and then when I tried to turn it on in the morning it wouldn't turn on.  I could get it to work eventually by cycling the power on/off, but this took more and more times each day until I could not get the TV to turn on at all.  The repairman talked to Sony and they had him replace two of the ICs on the G board.  This did nothing.  Next he replaced capacitors on the G board and a part in the power supply (don't know exactly what it was).  Once again the TV worked for one day and then followed the same scenario as described earlier.  It got increasingly difficult to turn on each day.  Now I just have the TV running all the time until I can figure what the real problem is.

 Anybody have any idea of what the problem could be or dealt with this before?

Any experts here that have

Any experts here that have solved this problem before? Thanks

Have EXACT same problem. My

Have EXACT same problem. My television is a KDP-65WS550. I was also told that it was the ICs but on the D Board and to either replace the ICs or to go with the safer bet and replace the whole D Board which is about 70 bucks total. However, this part is practically IMPOSSIBLE to find. If anyone knows where I can get this part PLEASE let me know, or even if that's the problem...

Have the same exact problem.

Have the same exact problem. I was told it was Mcz3001db chip> I ordered it and replace it. MY TV is doing the same thing. I heard you could use a test light somehow find where the probles in coming from. The problem is some to do with the power. Please e mail me if anyone has a solution. I am ready to give up.

The repairman was finally

The repairman was finally able to get my TV working again. I'm not 100% sure what he did. He told me he sent the G2 board (pretty sure it was that one) out to be rebuilt and replaced some ICs (a bunch of them) on the D board. I think he said he replace nine ICs total. He said that when he put the power circuit on the scope he could see the voltage drop in the ICs after running for a while. The voltage returned to normal when he cooled them off with cold air so he assumed they were overheating and bad. Sorry I can't be more specific, but his accent was kind of hard to understand. Whatever he did finally worked and the TV has had no problems since I picked it up.

troy m brown
i have the same problem i was

i have the same problem i was told to reset my tv and it worked for two days and now doing the same thing so many of these tv are doing this sony should do something about this because these tv cost too much for us to be having these problem hope someone can help us because to have it repaired cost to much

aknob97 description should

aknob97 description should tell you something about tv repair. TV repair is not cut and dried, sure in some cases when you as the tech see the same fault over and over again you can make an educated guess at what the correct solution is and most of the time it works. But this is not the case for all repairs, the fact that the tech had to replace 9 parts tells you that the common solutions that he knew did not work and was trying to find the fault by the shotgun method as we call it. The shot gun method works like this, he supposed the problem was in a specific circuit with a handful of components, so he replaced all the components in that circuit that he felt could be the culprit, and hoped that he was right. This method is done in the home because of the lack of proper test equipment on site.

The proper way to repair electronic faults is a little more difficult and a hands on situation that does not translate well to a website posting like this.
It generally involves a schematic, oscilloscope, dvm and other test equipment. Measuring waveforms and other metrics to get clues as to what component has failed. The big drawback to proper troubleshooting is that it can take many hours to locate the fault accurately. Working on electronics in the 80's without the internet we had to learn each fault by this method, i can remember working on one set for up to a whole day or more to properly troubleshoot and understand the circuit involved.

Sometimes you just have to take it into a tech for a proper diagnosis. Your chances of getting a full diagnosis is better if you take it into a shop instead of a house call. House calls are limited to the quick fix but the shop will have the test equipment needed and it will usually be cheaper, at least it is at our shop.

MY POINT IS: That not all repairs can be made by the owner and some are better left to the pro. Keep in mind that all of the “Quick Fixes” you find here is the result of some poor tech spending 8 hours troubleshooting and originally finding the problem then realizing he is seeing the problem repeat it’s self.

Mike GeniuS
I have a aKDP57WS550 AX1 2004

I have a aKDP57WS550 AX1 2004. It's the exact same problem. It would sit for 24hrs and come on, now it won't turn on at all. Sony should bend over so I can kick this thing back to where it belongs. Anyway, the consensus is Q8013,Q8014 ic8005, but i don't think so. I found 2 broken solder traces so far, but not a fix. what's strange is the sound works, tubes all glow, then it quits, like everything is ok except voltage or signal on that last check of the diags. I am amazed at how many people report the same problem, yet NO ONE has a definitive solution. Time for me to heat up my iron, scope, logic probe, etc. & figure this out. I WILL find the problem with this tv. And I WILL tell everyone here just how to fix it. And I'm not gonna replace a board, or spend alot of money to do it. I'm going to get to the root of the problem and tell you all how to fix it. Give me a day or so..... [email protected]

Well any luck Mike GeniuS, Im

Well any luck Mike GeniuS, Im in the same boat here. I called sony after exhausting all resources and time into finding a board which there are NONE LEFT!! they told me they dont touch it at all anymore but pointed me to a company who pointed me to another company called modus link pts who apparently repair and send back the boards. I emailed them trying to get a quote to see the damage but no return yet. Curious to see if you found something, as mine is the same as yours, no pic but sound. its been well over 4 months now and you only said it would take a couple of days lol. Im curious if you found a cheaper solution or a area to look at that I havent.

i have a sony kdp57ws550 and

i have a sony kdp57ws550 and its blinking 2 times were can i buy a d circuit board from

I'm having the same problem

I'm having the same problem with my 65WS550 It's been out for months. I get the 10 blinking red light and then it turns off. At one point If I kept turning it off and on the TV would eventually turn on. Any suggestions, is there a kit I can purchase to repair my TV? I've done a convergence repair kit on it about 3 years ago and that seemed to repair the convergence issue.

This one seems like some type of power leak, not sure what to do, but definately do not want to get rid of the TV.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


You most likely have a tube

You most likely have a tube and/or focus block going bad. Mark the knobs on the focus block so you can return them to there original posistion and turn them several times as far as the will go then back the other way as far as they will go do that a few times and return them back to original posistion and try turning it on. so you know what I'm talking about

Is there a way beside

Is there a way beside shutting my Sony projector tv off and on to turn it on it has a blinking red light and I even unplugged it for a day

Well you could try reading

Well you could try reading all the solutions posted....right above your post.


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