HCM4216W Picture Issue - Timer Light Blinking

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HCM4216W Picture Issue - Timer Light Blinking

I have a HCM4216W that I just replaced the convergence board with the replacement part - Samsung BP95-00142E - and it was working great for about 2 weeks and then starting yesterday it would turn on and work for about 2 minutes and then the video would disappear and the sound would come on for about 2 seconds and the timer light would blink about 5 times and then it would click and try to turn itself on again.  This would repeat endlessly. 

If I turn it off and unplugged it for several hours, the picture comes back for a few minutes and then goes back to the same behavior.  Tonight I tried it one last time and the picture was actually shrinking up from the bottom and it made it seem like the projection or screen was tilting because the picture almost seemed like it was on an angle and not hitting the screen properly.  I tried the perfect focus function but it didn't get past 4%.  I turned it off and then when I turned it back on it went into the cycle of no picture and sound for 2 seconds and the timer light blinking.

 If anyone has any insight into this issue I would greatly appreciate it.




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