Phillips 60pp935217 sound issue

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Phillips 60pp935217 sound issue

I just changed the Convergence ICs out on the SSM panel on this television. During the time some glycol was spilled on the rear of the board, near the area of where the speaker plug connects. I cleaned it up and it sat for several months before I got back to getting it put together. After the reinstall the picture was back to normal and there was no sound at first then it came on. After about thirty minutes of sound it started making this roar sound through the right speaker. I turned the speakers off on the menu panel and plugged the TV into an hometheater system. Same noise, same side. I unplugged the TV and let it sit last night in the shop and today no sound no noise. Anyone wish to offer their thoughts and where I should start looking to get this resolved.


Thanks for any help Brock


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