Toshiba TP50G60 Blinking light. Random

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Toshiba TP50G60 Blinking light. Random

Alright.  Having successfully repaired a couple big screens, I picked up another one to have a go at it.  This is a Toshiba TP-50G60.  Its not HD or anythign specatacular, but would like to fix it none the less for a family member.  Anyhow...


Got the set was told it was dead.  Brought it home and didn't get aroudn to doing anythign with it for like 3 months.  Then I plugged it in to see if it was at least getting power or what not, and it turned on.  Has a wodnerful picture.  Watched it for no less then 8 hours and went to bed.  the next day got up, turned it on.  It worked for abotu 2 hours then the screen went black and the power light began flashign steady.  Cant do anything with it but unplug it. 

 I figured it would be the STK amps so I removed the back, pulled out the PSU board.  Low and behold, it looks liek the amps have been repalced as the solder is nto as clean and a different shade of silver.  So, thinking it must be somethign else, I put it back together to work on later.  But for grins and giggles I turned it on and it worked again for another day.  Now its off again. 

I tried to find a service manual online or some sort of troubleshooting to start with and can't find anything.  IS there some steps to try first or some given test points that I can meter on to see whats up?  All fuses look good and nothign smells hot or burnt.  Has a great pic and good sound so I imagine its power related whatever it is.


Same problem!!!!!!
I am having the same problem

I am having the same problem but now the power light comes on and no picture and starts blinking until I unplug it!!!!!!

Hi there, I have a Toshiba

Hi there, I have a Toshiba Projection TV, TP50G60 and serial #16980992 and the problem I'm having is that as soon as I turn on the TV it starts up for a minute and then shuts-off leaving the blinking red light to flash constantly.

Also, can anyone give me the picture layouts of the entire map of the internal specs.


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