Best 5 GPS systems for cars

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Best 5 GPS systems for cars

GPS systems for motorist and commuters are very helpful for These portable navigation systems
can help you get from point A to point B with audible driving
directions, color maps, points of interest, and much more. And while
they were once a novelty tech toy for early adopters and gadget hounds,
they've gained in popularity and the market is now flooded with them. And for car owners they considered their GPS systems as part their toyota auto parts(for toyota owners, lol) These top 5 GPS systerns are well known for its nice reviews from consumers and users alike. So here are the list of the top 5 best GPS systems in the market today...


Garmin Nuvi 880

we've come to expect from the Nuvi line, the Garmin Nuvi 880 offers an
impressive feature list and solid performance, but it's the accurate
speech recognition that really pushes the Nuvi 880 over the edge and
makes it one of the best GPS we've tested to date.


Navigon 7200T

Navigon 7200T offers an attractive design and plenty of features,
including voice address entry, 3D landmark renderings, text-to-speech
functionality, and integrated Bluetooth. The user interface and maps
still aren't as clean as a Garmin or a TomTom, but performance has
improved and address entry by voice can be quite accurate with some


Magellan Maestro 4370

a couple of minor performance issues, the Magellan Maestro 4370 offers
convenience through its new OneTouch interface, providing you with
quick one-click access to your preferred destinations. The GPS also
delivers with features and accurate directions.


Mio C520 Navigation Receiver

sleek Mio C520 is a good-value GPS device, packing in advanced
navigation features, a large screen, and other extras for an affordable
price. It's even sleek enough that we'd use it as a video player. Our
only complaint is that we think you can get a slightly better
experience and smoother performance from competing systems.


TomTom ONE 125 - GPS receiver

TomTom One 125 isn't the newest or flashiest portable navigation device
on the market, but that's OK. Not everyone needs the latest or
greatest. What the One 125 offers is a solid, entry-level GPS for
first-time buyers or for those looking for the most basic navigation




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