External UMTS antenna

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External UMTS antenna


I live in village, where the signal of my mobile network is very low and therefore I have a poor quality connection to the Internet via HSDPA modem. Can someone tell me if external antenna such as this bestpartner.biz/index.php?kategorie=10 can help me?

Peter Redmer
I've actually had a lot of

I've actually had a lot of trouble locating a good antenna for my broadband modem as well, so I share in your problem. I'd love to hear from other site members about reliable solutions for both permanent and mobile solutions.

In my case, I'd like to attach a small, portable antenna to my Sprint AirCard 595U (by Sierra Wireless.) I've found a few antenna kits online, but they're somewhat big and unwieldy.

I'm guessing you're looking for a more permanent solution...


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