Problems burning w/Liteon burner

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Problems burning w/Liteon burner

Bought a dvd burner, and I have been trying to burn movies(mostly in AVI format) from the internet. Do, I have to buy a program to burn movies to dvd, or is there a free program that I can get to do the job, also what type of disc works better (have DVD+RW), PLEASE HELP ME!!

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Well, it depends on how you

Well, it depends on how you want to view the media once it's on the DVD. If you are merely wanting to view it on a computer, and are using the DVD just as storage, then you don't need to do anything special.

If you want to be able to pop the DVD in a standard DVD player and watch it as a DVD movie, then you will need a separate piece of software to do that, at least if you want to do it easily.

Here's one example of software to do this that I found by a little Googling:

Never used it since I'm a Mac guy, but could be worth a try. I can't attest to its integrity or how well it works. Look around a little and see if you can find a program that's right for you.

Oh, and I would use standard DVD-R's. DVD-RW's are best for data storage.

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NERO is a good program to do

NERO is a good program to do dvd , vcd or other jobs for burning
here is a free trial
or there is another way to get nero ,leave a hotmail address or something for details on how.

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Hummmm, easy to use? I don't

Hummmm, easy to use? I don't know if DVD Creator is enough to your dear father. Whatever, if you installed this tool, open it, and
1. drag the videos in it;
2. choose which kind of DVD you want;
3. Click the button to start it.
And a DVD is made and also can be played in DVD Player. It supports most of popular video format, but it's not free.
Here is the full guide:


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