360 Elite won't rip CD

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360 Elite won't rip CD

Hello all. I have a problem. Whenever I try to rip my burned CD's to my Elite, most of the songs have a white circle with a slash going through it. I guess that shows that the song won't rip. What's the problem?

Peter Redmer
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Hmm... in a few rare

Hmm... in a few rare situations, I have had burned discs not read correctly in certain devices, such as in-dash CD players and certain computer drives.

Try one of the corresponding original discs and see if it plays. Then, try burning a disc with a different brand of blank CD and try that. If you keep having problems, or if even original, undamaged discs won't rip, you might have a bigger (i.e., hardware) issue.

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This is a standard copyright

This is a standard copyright protection feature on all gaming systems. Some CD burning programs are complex enough to fool some systems, but most are not. This is also how they keep you from burning copies of video games. My X-box won't even recognize my i-Pod. I bet if I had a Zune that sucker would connect wirelessly though.


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