AT&T Tilt Problems

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AT&T Tilt Problems

For the past seven months I have wasted precious hours calling AT&T’s, HTC’s and Microsoft’s “tech support” in trying to solve various problems with my new (and getting real old by the minute) AT&T Tilt.  I had previously owned an iPAQ 1940 Pocket PC (which I would sync through ActiveSync [various versions] to Outlook 2003 almost every night on my desktop PC) and a Nokia cell phone for several years.  When the technology finally came about, I wanted to combine what I had into a single device.  After months of online research for the “right” choice of PDA/cell phone, I decided to purchase the AT&T Tilt in August of 2008.


From almost day one, I have had various problems ranging from, (“tech support”) “Well, you have an outdated operating system.  You need to upgrade your ROM from 6.0 to Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.”  (So, why didn’t someone do that before they sold it to me, or at least tell me about the upgrade that was needed before I bought it?)  to a Daylight Saving Time/Calender/syncing problem.  After months of trying to keep up with making notations of what I had tried to do on my own, or what “tech support” suggested that I do to fix a particular problem, and failing, I’ve given up the note-taking and decided to give this blog a try.


I have now been having problems on my Tilt with the Calendar syncing properly with Outlook 2007 on my Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop.  I had a problem during this same seven-month time period with my Outlook 2003 program and after many, many emails and calls back and forth, the final Microsoft tech finally had to upgrade me to Outlook 2007 at no cost.  But that still has not solved my Tilt problem.


In looking back (and forward) at certain months in the Calendar on my Tilt, I found that all previous Calendar entries would randomly change and go back one hour before November 2, 2008 (the end of Daylight Saving Time).  I also noticed that the same thing would happen simultaneously for Calendar entries on March 8, 2009 (the beginning of Daylight Saving Time) and after.  In September 2008, after calling AT&T and having their “tech” fail to come up with a solution, they transferred me to HTC.  After much wasted time with that “tech,” he gave me the time zone change “trick” (I see that some on other blogs were told to change the time by an hour and it “worked”).  I call it a “trick” because both, the time zone change and the hour change, only lasts for a while until my Tilt would randomly decide it wants to revert back to the wrong Calendar times again before November 2, 2008 and after March 7, 2009.  This happens randomly when the Tilt is in the standby mode (which is the mode that I keep it in most of the time).  I have found that I can “force” the problem dates to change to the problem times by powering the Tilt off and then back on again.


Now that Daylight Saving Time is again just around the corner (in a week on March 8, 2009) I wanted to see if anyone has come up with a “final answer.”  Please help!


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