center channel sony STR-965

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center channel sony STR-965

HI all I hope some out here can help point me in the right direction I have skill but without the proper knowledge im screwed . I have a Sony STR-D965 surround sound reciever . I get great sound from all speakers  and proper delay on the rear but all I get is a muffled center channel that can hardly be heard  all the leads on the rear are good the speaker has been swapped and it works ok . put new wire on the center outlet same result  any ideas . I have it all apart and nothing looks burnt or smells funny . Id like to fix it rathere than replace it as it cost a few bucks a while ago  any one with a service manual  id apreciate your help . Thanks Kirk

I have developed the same

I have developed the same problem. Did you get a hold of the service manual? If so, could you advice me haow to get one? My email is [email protected] Thanks.


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