pico fuses on KP-46WT500

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pico fuses on KP-46WT500



     Ok here's  the low down... I've worked on electronics off and on my whole life and I know the risks of the job.. I dont have a degree but I like to tinker and save a little money in the process.. Enough said  SOOOO

  I have a KP-46WT500  I replaced the ic on the red side and still I m having problems.. I keep blowing my picos fuse on ps8001..

 So my question is do I need to replace both ic's or can I get away with just replacing one and why is it that my ps8001 pico fuse keeps blowing.. I know i must be getting a power spike that is the only reason why it would blow in the first place. but since I dont have  a schematic on it, it's a little hard to track down the problem.

  Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you in advance!!



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