Sony STR-DE845 problem??

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Sony STR-DE845 problem??

I just got a Sony BDP-S550 Blu Ray Player recently and have it hooked to the receiver using the 5.1 RCA inputs.  Before I got my RCA cables I was using the optical input and the subwoofer was very loud (although you can't set your speaker volumes with the test tone as it doesn't work with the optical).  After I hooked up the cables to the 5.1 I did the test tone and you could just BARELY hear the sub, I had to turn up the volume of the sub to hear it on several movies and certain other movies I had to turn it down.  My question is... do I have a problem with the 5.1 inputs on the receiver, I didn't use them for 4 years so they may have been dirty??  I did spray them with contact cleaner but no change.  Also, it is true that I will get Dolby True Surround using the 5.1 and not with the optical??  Thanks!!



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