Power consumption?

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Power consumption?

Hi guys:i bring up this topic because i came across a forum that discussed the power consumption of Satellite Receivers on Standby,and somebody there said that the receivers consume as much power if receiver stays on standby as it consumes when turned on.So i went ahead did some calculations on my 322 receive,and came up with these numbers,i may be wrong on my calculations correct me if I'm wrong!.
With my Fluke 87 measured 0.236miliamps turned on,and 0,226
in standby,

on standby 120v/0.226=530 Ohms,120x120=14.400/530=0.027watts.
turned on   120v/0.236=508 ohms,120x120=14.400/508=0.028watts.

i don't know if these #s are correct, but if they are than the power consumption is very low and is not that bad,if not than this receivers are not green at all,because no matter what kind of equipment they  shouldn't waist as much energy on standby as in on mode.So anybody here is an expert enough to refute my numbers?  


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