hi guys im new

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hi guys im new

could somebody please tell me,once i have connected up my tv to the pc,but let me run thru it,is this what im suppose to do,1 i connect a antenna cable into the back of my pc on the tuner card and 2,i connect the s-video cable to the s-video connection on the tv,now the problem is,what do i go into,to turn the tv on,or better still,to get a picture,also i have surround sound,so i wont have sound comming from the tv.on the remote it has tv and pc,on my tv remote,i have pc and tv,now which one do i have it on?when i select source on the tv remote,a black picture comes up,with s-video in the left hand corner,this is where im stuffed,where do i go from here,any help would be much appreciated,thanks,todd.

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Did you activate your svideo

Did you activate your svideo out on your pc? here is a video on how to do it http://www.svideo.com/displayvideo.html that should be all you need to get it running sounds like you got it hooked up just didnt activate the secound monitor on the pc so the signal goes out. Hope this helps.


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