'55PP9352 55" Philips missing green picture color

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'55PP9352 55" Philips missing green picture color
(note...SSM has been properly repaired. no problems on this board) 
I noticed there was a slight convergence mis alignement after my SSM was professionally repair. When I go into the blue alignment (big cross) it is lined up, but there is no other color; no other color to converge to. Not sure what other color the blue is suppose to align to.  The red over yellow was able to adjust. What I did do, was select the factory reset and this did not bring back any color. 
So there does not appear to be any green in the picture. Primarily blue and pink/redish with some yellow. So whatever color is converging with the blue, appears to be inoperative.
I've read where the coolant may have congealed and need replaced.
I am posting this, as to let the experts read my issue, as to the direction I head. I will keep reading.

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