lxi rear projection convergence

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lxi rear projection convergence

Hello, I am having a bit of a problem with a tv that I acquired. first of all the tv would not power up. I pulled the power supply board out and found a transducer that lost a solder joint and fixed that. Thought I was doing alright but when I turned it on the picture was bad it was really red and can not be adjusted in I looked in the guns and the coolant is clean in all three in fact I would say that it has recently been changed it was that clean. Anyway I have an adjusting proceedure for it that was still attached to the back of the set, it tells how to get to a screen to adjust the color and focus and to do that it gives you a single line on the screen but the lines (red, blue, and green) will not line up. I do not have a signal generator so I cannot mess with the convergence panel too much except on the center part of the screen but it cannot be adjusted in.
I pulled the convergence power board out and it is transistors (not chips). I was going to try to replace them if they were fairly reasonably priced, but I cannot locate any to buy, they are 421-7 and 421-8 made by motorola. Does anyone have any experience with these or can point me in a direction I would sure appreciate it.


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