WS-55313 Lightning pops fuses?

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WS-55313 Lightning pops fuses?

Tried searching, but couldn't narrow it down enough.  Got a Mitsubishi WS-55313 in trade off craigslist.  Guy said it took a lightning strike.  Showing code 2 2.  I assumed convergence circuit.  Checked the convergence fuses, and they're OK.  The following fuses are open on the right hand (power?) board:   F9A03   F9D01.  All other fuses are good.  I read Larry posting somewhere that you shouldn't just change fuses without figuring out what caused them to blow.  Would it be safe to think that the lightning was the cause?  Could I do any damage to this system by just changing the fuses and trying it out?  Also, would it be safe to test the system using jumper leads, and standard automotive fuses, just to verify operation?

I'm no TV repair guy, but I have been an aircraft mechanic for years.  It looks like I can get to these fuses to change pretty easily.


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